2014 Lodge Banquet

This year we hosted the annual Lodge Banquet. The day is filled with training sessions and activities to see which chapter will come home with the coveted Golden Arrow! At night we had the banquet part of the weekend where we handed out some of those most prestigious awards that can be given to an arrowmen. Awards included LEC recognition awards, the Golden Pumpkin award, Vigil, and much more! It was truly a night to remember.

The Vigil Honor is an honor that cannot be earned but it is instead bestowed upon an arrowmen by the lodge for their continued service and dedication to the lodge as well their noteworthy service to others through the OA and scouting. This year’s Vigil Honorees are:

Noah C.: Noah completed his Ordeal in the summer of 2009 and joined O-Shot-Caw Lodge. After sealing his ties in the Brotherhood, he was elected to serve as Elgixin’s Vice Chief. The following year, he stepped up to serve as Elgixin’s Chapter Chief. After a successful year as Chapter Chief was elected to serve as the Lodge Second Vice Chief where he was instrumental in helping the Chief running events, as well as making sure LEC meeting were run smoothly and effectively. Outside of Scouts, Noah places his studies very high. Noah graduated with a weighted 4.2 GPA and was 78th in his class of 540.

Richard McEwan: At the end of his freshman year of college, he went to Hong Kong to serve a two-year mission where He became fluent in Cantonese-Chinese, and he developed a keen interest in Chinese culture. This led him to pursue a dual-major in Chinese-Mandarin and Asian Studies. When employment brought Richard and his family to Coral Springs in 1997, he began his eleven-year service as the troop Committee Chair for Troop 27 of the Lighthouse District. Richard McEwan is an example to his family, his Troop, and so many people he has encountered.

Cody B.: Cody’s true passion has clearly been recognized by the hundreds of candidates that have joined our Lodge through his efforts as an Elangomat. At every Ordeal other than his own, Cody has served as an Elangomat; he gladly gave the position as Chairman up so that he could continue to serve as an Elangomat because of the joy he gets from serving.

Jake Cairo: Jake attended his first Section Seminar in 2010. There at the night time Pow-Wow he saw dancers from across the Section and he expressed an interest in Native American activities. Jake attended NOAC in 2012 with the Lodge. Out of the 96 Northern Traditional Dancers, out on the floor, he placed in the top 20. Native American dancing is something that is very near and dear to his heart, and he does his part in keeping up the old Native American traditions of this Lodge alive.

Nicholas N.: Nicholas Evan Norton started his Trail to Eagle way before he could actually join scouting. Upon entering kindergarten in Honolulu, Hawaii at the age of 4 he did not head to find his class on the first day but instead headed straight to the Scout representative’s table to sign up. Nicholas has been balancing scouts, school, soccer, refereeing, lacrosse, and work as well as coaching recreational boys and girls soccer teams throughout the years. . Since becoming an Eagle Scout Nicholas has been more involved in the OA holding positions at the lodge and council level.