2015 Lincoln-Marti Camporee

2015 Lincoln-MartiOn January 24th of 2015 O-Shot-Caw lodge assisted in the setting up and putting on of the Lincoln Marti
Indian village. The work day began at 7:30 A.M. and was completely over and take down at 5:50 P.M. A
total of 47 brothers came out to support the lodge and myself in our endeavors totaling approximately
417 hours of service. Lincoln Marti also gave both the dance and drum teams the opportunity to further
hone their abilities in preparation for section conference and eventually NOAC. Over the course of
Saturday we handed out a total of 105 O-Shot-Caw t-shirts to the scouts of Lincoln Marti.
On January 23rd O-shot-Caw poured concrete at camp Elmore in the amphitheater in preparation for
section conference. A total of 14 brother were in attendance totaling around 62 hours of service.