2015 NOAC Recap

Last week the O-Shot-Caw Lodge Contingent of 53 Arrowmen attended  NOAC at Michigan State University. The weather was fantastic and the program put on by National led most to believe that this was the best NOAC we have had. The facilities were great, the food was good and the shows in the evening were spectacular.


The competition, as you would expect, was tough, but the O-Shot-Caw Lodge performed well and made us all very proud. 


The Ceremonies Team led by Jordan B., HONOR medaled in Pre-Ordeal and Brotherhood Ceremony. Glen Ogelsby also HONOR medaled in the Vigil ceremony.

The Drum team led by Sebastian R. received a Participation Ribbon and came in 6th out of 25 drums competing. Our Drum Team was 6th in the Nation.

The Group Dance Team led by Ryan R. came in 4th in the Nation.

Our Indivdual Dancer, Jake C., made it to the semi finals and Ribboned.


Overall the O-Shot-Caw Lodge showed great spirit and everyone knew we were there.

I felt great pride as a Contingent Leader and Lodge Adviser as a result of the outstanding performance of our teams. The arrowmen that represented our Lodge at NOAC conducted themselves in a way that made us all proud.

Again, thanks to another great O-Shot-Caw Contingent.




Bill Gilliland