2016 Scoutmaster’s Camporee

The OA’s participation with scoutmaster’s camporee is to promote fun and to peak children’s interest in the Order. This scoutmaster’s camporee was a great success. Many brothers gave up their weekend to volunteer at the OA native american village display or spend an evening cooking and serving food at O-shot-caw lodge heron grill. The OA village consisted of a display put on by each one of our teams (drum, dance, and cerimonies). Hundreds of scouts visited the village and participated in our tours. The tour was a time for each team to explain their purpose in the OA and explain how it related to the native culture. At the end of the tour the scouts would be at the camp promotions booth where they would receive at free “future arrowmen” t-shirt and a brief speech from the camp promotions chairmen. A section conference booth was also in place at this event in an attempt to raise awareness of the spectacular event just around the corner. Overall the event had an amazing turn out and the bothers of 265 were happy to help.

Forever yours,
Cody B