2018 Winter Ordeal and Annual Pass



Ordeal dates are January 12-14, 2018.

Register Online through January 5th at:



Ordeal Candidates are $35

Brother Candidates are $45 (subtract $5 for early bird discount until December 31st)

Brothers are $27 (subtract $5 for early bird discount until December 31st)


There is an additional $10 fee for on-site registrations for Ordeal Candidates and $20 for all other attendees.


Annual Pass Options

The Annual Pass includes registration for the Winter Ordeal, Lodge Banquet, Summer Ordeal, Fall Ordeal and Haunted Forest Fellowship for $100. On-time registration for each of these events would normally be $116. This pass is only available when registering for the 2018 Winter Ordeal. The Annual Pass does NOT include Annual Dues or Section events (Section Summit and Section Conference). If you do not attend an event, there are no refunds for the event. Your fees for that event will be donated to the Lodge. The Annual Pass does guarantee that you will receive the event patch.

There is also a New Member Annual Pass and a Brotherhood Conversion Annual Pass package available on the Winter Ordeal Registration page.


Annual Dues

Your 2018 Annual Dues must be paid in order to attend the event unless you are a New Member attending your first Ordeal.

Dues may be paid at the time of registration for 1 year at $12 or 5 years at $50.

There is also a special offer to pay for 2017 and 2018 for $25 until December 31st.