2019-2020 Lodge Officers

2019 Summer Ordeal and Lodge Elections Update

This weekend, we had over 120 Brothers and Candidates attend the Summer Ordeal at Camp Elmore.

There were 36 Ordeal Candidates and 10 Brotherhood Candidates who participated in work projects that included planting trees at the OA Ring, running water and electrical lines to the new Kitchen, pulling weeds and cleaning up the amphitheater as well as moving the blinds so that the view of the lake is unobstructed.

The newly elected 2019-2020 Lodge OfficersOn Sunday, we held the annual Lodge Elections where the following officers were elected for the 2019-2020 Term:

  • Keanu O. was reelected as Lodge Chief
  • Carson E. was elected 1st Vice Chief
  • Ben P. was elected 2nd Vice Chief
  • Nico V. was elected Lodge Secretary
  • Harrison T. was elected Lodge Treasurer

Welcome to our new Brothers, and new Brotherhood members!

2019 Summer Ordeal New Brothers
2019 Summer Ordeal Brothers who completed their Ordeal
2019 Summer Ordeal Brotherhood Candidates
2019 Summer Ordeal Brothers who sealed their Ties in Brotherhood