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2022 Annual Dues (Due 1/9, Late until 12/31)

All attendees at any OA event must be currently registered with the BSA and their OA dues must also be current.

Your 2022 dues can be paid by following this link:

Dues are $12 through January 9, 2022 and are $17 any point after that. No Exceptions.

You may choose to pay your dues for 5 years (2022-2026 for $50 prior to January 9, 2022 or $55 any time at the same link.

You may also make a $12 dues donation anytime which will be used to pay for a youth who cannot afford their dues at the discretion of the Lodge by adding it when you pay your dues at the link above, or by selecting Donate Only as your registration type.

Please remember that our Charter requires that all OA Youth Brothers be currently registered with a Scouts BSA Troop, Team, Crew or Ship. Registration with a Pack is not sufficient for youth members.

Adult Brothers must be registered adults in the BSA.  Any unit affiliation is acceptable.