2023 Special Olympics Volunteers Needed

It’s that time of year when the Special Olympics is looking for our help. Here is the information that we have.

March 25th: Late morning to early afternoon – final times to be provided: This is set up you should wear Class B Chapter shirt or Lodge shirt.

March 26th: 7AM to late afternoon – final times to be provided: Wear your Class A with a scout shirt under it. 

Location: Nathaniel Traz Powell Stadium – 11380 NW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33167

You will be helping set up the field and gathering area on Saturday. Sunday you will be helping serve lunch and what ever else the staff needs from us. This is a great opportunity to help out an amazing organization and to server your fellow brothers.  If you have never been to this event it is a heart warming event for all who help out with this worthwhile cause. 

Sign up to volunteer by filling out the form below.