April – Gohkos

Gokhos has had a very busy April. Gokhos successfully ran The Heron Grill at the 2016 Section Conference. Having over 20 brothers man both of the separate grills at each end of the camp. I am pleased to say that The Heron Grill raised over 3000 dollars during Section Conference. After Section Conference, we had our April Chapter meeting on the 18th where we went over the nomination and election process for new Chapter leadership. Unfortunately, due to Supertesting days, many of my brothers were unable to make it to the meeting. We had ten brothers attend, and 6 adult brothers attend. The nomination/election process will be continued over into the June meeting. Conch Craziness was also discussed and how to pay. In addition, Gokhos had had two brothers reach the honorable rank of Eagle Scout. Those brothers are Preston B. and Adam S.

Justin S.