April – Hnu-Ra-Con

Hnu-Ra-Con Section Conference Report

This Section Conference was awesome! Our Chapter did a wonderful job coordinating and supervising the Lodge vs. Lodge and Quest for the Golden Arrow games. Of course, I could not have done this myself; with the help of Keyen, Nick, Vincent, Mr. Schwartzman, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Arbelo and many other chapter members we were able to complete our job the way we did. Our referees were as well prepared as possible and our set-up was on-point. On a side note, we had to cut out some Quest games due to a lack of Lodge participation, and our Chapter’s gaga pit was used more than ever. If there were any things we did wrong, it doesn’t matter because, “it’s close enough for government work!” Mr. Schwartzman. Our Chapter also managed to put together our Lodge’s teams that were competitive. Overall, I had an awesome time this past weekend and I do agree that we have the best lodge and ran the best Section S-4 Conference ever!

The Vision Continues,

Wyatt E.

Hnu-Ra-Con Chapter Chief