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Serving South Florida Council, BSA South Florida Council, BSA

The O-Shot-Caw Lodge has been extremely busy for the last few months doing incredible things including the Winter Ordeal,
Lincoln Marti, Scoutmasters Camporee, and the Lodge Banquet.

The Winter Ordeal took place on January 8-10, 2010 at Camp Everglades. Lodge members and candidates removed non native
plants, widen nature trails, and worked on conservation projects. Even though it was the coldest Winter Ordeal in history, over 100 new members were inducted. Congratulations to all of O-Shot-Caw’s new members, and those who sealed their ties in Brotherhood.

O-Shot-Caw has been working to have a major presence at major council events. This year we did just that by continuing our outstanding Indian Village display at the Lincoln Marti, and just recently the Scoutmaster’s Camporee. At the Lincoln Marti, our Drum Team put on a fantastic performance throughout the day and at this past Scoutmaster’s Camporee, our Lodge hosted the biggest Indian Village yet adding many other parts including an opportunity to portage a canoe. Our entire Lodge Executive Committee worked hard to put on that outstanding display.

Just recently, the O-Shot-Caw Lodge Banquet was held at Markham Park. The weekend started with Brothers sealing their ties followed by a full day of informative training seminars put together by R.J. Hickman, Chapter competitions put together by Jon Yost, and an evening Banquet Ceremony to recognize Arrowmen who have gone above and beyond.

This year we were privileged to have the 2010 National Vice Chief Will Swingle and the 2010 Southern Region Chief Don Combs in attendance. I can say, first hand, that they had an awesome time here in South Florida. Saturday evening cumulated with the Vigil Honor Call Out ceremony were our Lodge was able to bestow this honor to 6 deserving recipients; Mark Jelincic, Garrett Siljee, Henry Alonso, James Kerr, Justin BakerRobinson, and John Semander. Congratulations!
One of the most anticipated events of the year is right around the corner, the 2010 Section Conference at Flaming Arrow Scout
Reservation on April 16-18, 2010. Register online or at the Scout Office. This is an opportunity for O-Shot-Caw to show our Section what we have accomplished as we look to take back our place in history.

It was has been an outstanding year serving as your Lodge Chief and I look forward to seeing you at the
2010 Section Conference.

Yours in Cheerful Service,
Brad Schmidt
O-Shot-Caw Lodge Chief