Carson E. 2020-2021 Chief

Chiefly Speaking – November 2020

Dear Brothers,

Thank you so much for your dedication to the Order of the Arrow and our lodge for these past couple of months. As we continue to navigate our new normal, all of you have stepped up and done your part to keep our organization thriving during this unique scouting year.

The Virtual Section Conference is only two weeks away! This is where Arrowmen from across the state of Florida come together in brotherhood and fellowship. I highly encourage all members of our lodge to participate in this event. Registration is free and takes just 28 seconds to complete! Please visit to register. I am looking forward to a great event.

In the beginning of October, our lodge members volunteered at all three locations of the Cub Fun Day: Camp Elmore, Camp Owaissa Bauer, and Camp Sawyer. Events like these provide a mutual benefit to the South Florida Council and the O-Shot-Caw Lodge by helping our Cub Scout program remain successful and by providing a recruitment opportunity for future Scouts and members of the Order of the Arrow. Also this month, our lodge officers participated in the ACT conference and lodge officer seminars. This was a great opportunity for the key leaders of our lodge to gather with other leaders from around our section. There, they shared ideas and best practices to help benefit our program.

On October 23rd-25th, we held our highly anticipated Fall Ordeal. This was our first induction weekend since the beginning of the pandemic, and it was a major success. For the first time ever, our lodge broke ground on the island clearing project at Camp Elmore. To get started on the project, we had Ordeal candidates transported to the island by canoes, and all the tools were taken by a jon boat. Once everyone was on the island, we began to cut the Brazilian peppertree and load it onto the jon boat. The plants were then transported and disposed of in the special part of the nursery set aside for Brazilian peppertree. We also assisted the camp ranger with many other important service projects. I would like to thank everyone who attended the Ordeal. If you were an Ordeal Candidate, Brotherhood Candidate, or a returning member at the Ordeal, you should feel very proud of yourselves. The service you provided to our camp did not go unnoticed. Our camp ranger was very impressed with all of our members and extended a big thank you to all who attended.

This past weekend, the Order of the Arrow held Momentum: Spark, the second Momentum event focused on inductions. This was the first ever national induction conducted by the Order of the Arrow. The virtual event also included many trainings and seminars for existing members to experience. If you registered as a premium delegate, you will receive your patch in the mail.

Thank you all again for your cheerful service to the Order of the Arrow and to Scouting. Your passion for this program is what keeps us moving onward and upward!

Carson E. | Lodge Chief