Chiefly Speaking – October 2023

2023 is set to be a year filled with remarkable experiences and opportunities, but our excitement doesn’t stop there. Looking forward to 2024, a truly extraordinary event awaits us – the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) at the University of Colorado.

The NOAC is an iconic gathering of Arrowmen from across the nation, and it’s a privilege for our Lodge to be part of this grand event. It’s a celebration of our shared heritage and a platform for shaping the future of the Order. The University of Colorado provides the perfect backdrop for this momentous occasion, and we are excited to participate, learn, and bond with Arrowmen from all corners of the country.

While the NOAC is a major highlight, we’re equally enthusiastic about the year-round activities, service projects, leadership opportunities, and fellowships that await us. Our Lodge is committed to building a strong community and inspiring leadership in our members.

So, as we dive into the year ahead, stay connected with the O-Shot-Caw Lodge through this website, and join us in making the most of the incredible adventures and growth that lie ahead. Here’s to an exciting 2024, where we’ll continue to honor our traditions and leave our mark on the Order of the Arrow.

Andrew B.
Lodge Chief