February 2019 Chiefly Speaking

Dear brothers,

We are in full swing in our busiest time of the year; there are so many upcoming events that we are very excited for. Our first event is Scoutmasters Camporee on February 15-17 held at Markham Park. Here, we set up our Indian Village and display what we have to offer in the Order of the Arrow. Our next event is the Spring Ordeal on March 8-10 at Camp Elmore. This is the special Ordeal we created that will be our first Ordeal with Venture Scout candidates! This will be a regular Ordeal where everyone can attend. The next event is our annual Lodge Banquet on March 22-24 at Camp Elmore. This is our weekend of fun trainings, chapter vs. chapter games, and of course the awards ceremony at night which I have dubbed the Arrowmen Awards. Even though we are in February, registration for these events are open on our website. So, go register and come out to have fun!

We are already doing great things in 2019. We inducted so many new members at our Winter Ordeal. We had a wonderful time at the Lincoln-Marti Camporee and met some great people from the OA chapter from Guantanamo Bay. There are so many other brilliant things to come. Matt Parsons, the National Chief of the Order of the Arrow has dubbed 2019 as, “The Year of the Lodge. You already know that the O-Shot-Caw Lodge is one of the best in the nation. We want to continue this greatness and hopefully make our lodge even better. There will be many innovations coming this year, so look out for them! Thank you all so much for you endless cheerful service. O-Shot-Caw forever!

Keanu O.
Lodge Chief