Hal Hollis Outstanding Arrownman Award Recipients

Hal Hollis Outstanding Arrowman Award

At the 2009 National Order of the Arrow Conference, the National Order of the Arrow Committee suggested to every lodge across the country to develop a new award, an award that would be given to one youth arrowmen who has gone above and beyond, an arrowmen that has shown great enthusiasm, and an arrowmen who has had a great positive influence for the brothers of our lodge. The O-Shot-Caw leadership has developed the Hal Hollis Outstanding Arrownman Award, named after our founding Lodge Advisor. It was first awarded at Lodge Banquet 2010, and has been given in following years. The award is a handsome figurine of the ordeal ceremony.



2010Hayden Olive
2010Mr. Bill Gilliland (Honorary Adult Recipient)
2011Jonathan Yost
2012Connor Lape
2013Noah Crowe
2014Clayton Fischer
2015Joshua Semander
2016Nicholas Gamarra
2017Dillon BakerRobinson
2018Tyler Shade
2019Patrick Gross
2020Tyler Nguyen.
2021Benjamin P.
2022Andrea M.
2023Kaden O.
2024Lucas H.

Hal Hollis Award