March 2019 Chiefly Speaking

Dear Brothers,

            I hope you all had a wonderful February. Scoutmaster’s Camporee was a great success for us. We got to show so many people what we have to offer in the Order of the Arrow. Many people were excited to see what we put on and enjoyed our program. If you did not know, our very own Internet Advisor, Jeanine Kinsey served as the chief of the camporee and our vice chief, Patrick Gross served as the junior chief. Good job and congratulations to them on putting on a great camporee! Thank you all for your help at our Indian Village!

March is a very busy time of the year for us as a Lodge. In the first week of this month, we will be attending the National Leadership Seminar, or NLS. This will be held in the Life Enrichment Center in Fruitland Park, Florida. NLS is a weekend conference focusing on the skills and characteristics of leadership. It is intended primarily to enhance the leadership skills of the Order of the Arrow’s key youth and adult members, as they seek to improve their service to the Boy Scouts of America and the greater community.

Also during that weekend is the Miami-Dade Special Olympics. Arrowmen give service here by preparing and providing lunch to the many athletes that compete there. This is a very humbling and wholesome experience for all those who volunteer.

The next weekend is the Spring Ordeal which will be held in Camp Elmore. This is the Ordeal which we created to be proactive on the change that allowed Venture Crews and Sea Scout Ships to have unit elections. We are very excited to have this Ordeal and have our first Venture Scout members and our first female youth members of our Lodge.

On March 22-23 we will be hosting our annual Lodge Banquet. This is our weekend of fun trainings, chapter vs. chapter games, and of course the awards ceremony at night which I have dubbed the Arrowmen Awards. You do not want to miss this event.

We are doing such a great job as a lodge. This is all because of you, our arrowmen. You all truly provide the great cheerful service that makes our Lodge function so well. Without you, this all can not happen. So, thank you all so much for you continued support and unending cheerful service!

Keanu O. |  Lodge Chief