March 2019 Report

The month of March has been more than a success for the Hnu-Ra-Con Chapter. Starting off our busy calendar on March 1-3, we sent two fellow Arrowman, Tyler Sanford and our District Executive Aaron Gluck, to the Developing Youth Leaders Conference and the National Leadership Seminar where they learned leadership skills that will certainly help improve our chapter. Shortly after, we held our March chapter meeting, where we had special guest Ron Bell lead us in making American Indian beaded bracelets and chokers with a Hnu-Ra-Con design. That next weekend was the Spring Ordeal. There we inducted 6 new members, 5 of them being our first youth female chapter members. This was truly a historic event for our chapter!

The weekend after, on March 16th, we held a Zoo Miami project workday where we painted the building next to our campsite. This really did enhance the look of our campsite, which is almost complete. Our next event was the largest lodge event of the year: The Lodge Banquet. Here, one of our dedicated chapter brothers, Jonathan Wong, was awarded the coveted First Year Arrowman Award as well as earning the flap. What an amazing event!

Looking ahead to April, there is a lot to be excited about. First, our April chapter meeting, which will be themed “patches.” Here we will give away free patches to our chapter members, and allow them to trade and show off their patches. Next is the Section Conference, April 12-14 at Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation, which is the highlight of our lodge year. There we put all of our skills to the test: volleyball, ultimate frisbee, tug-of-war, dodgeball, flag football, American Indian group dance, drum team, ceremonies, inductions, and internet just to name a few. I highly recommend everyone attend this amazing event, as the lodge is providing free “party bus” transportation. See you there!

Yours in brotherhood,
Carson E.