March/April 2017 general News and Updates



Find your inner O-Shot-Caw spirit, because we are heading to Section Conference!!! This Section Conference will be up in Brooksville, Florida April 21st-23rd and will be hosted by the Uh-To-Yeh-Hut-Tee Lodge.

    If you are an athlete, we will be competing in Volleyball, Lodge ball (dodge ball), ultimate Frisbee, inner tube water polo, flag football and tug-o-war. IΓÇÖd love to see all of O-Shot-CawΓÇÖs Arrowmen in attendance!  


    Congratulations to all who received awards at Lodge Banquet. It is due to your determined efforts and dedication that our Lodge is able to thrive and continue to fulfill the OrderΓÇÖs purpose. See you at Section Conference 2K17 on April 21st-23rd, register today!!



Wyatt Engelmann

Lodge Chief