March – Paldani

Dear Brothers,

The Paldani Chapter is overjoyed to have new brotherhood members. We are also very proud to have members receive their First year arrow man award.Congratulations to Mr. Kerr and Josh for having the Vigil honor bestowed on them, and congratulations to Mr. Kudja and Cody for earning the founders award. Paldani-O-Thon was very successful with roughly 45 youth and adults who came out. Section Conference wise we are on track with Gatherings we have the Friday nights hows mapped out and are working on pres how and Saturday currently. We just had our chapter meeting this past Monday where we spent around 10 minutes on business and had the rest of the time be only fellowship. We had approximately 55 people at the meeting and next Month we plan on holding our Chapter officers nominations.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Arturo F.