O-Shot-Caw Lodge Online Event Registration Instructions

First Time Registrants:

Note – a family can have 1 login, so you don’t have to create a login for everyone in the household.

  1. Go to https://southfl.tentaroo.com
  2. Select Create Account
  3. Select an Event to create your account for
    Once created, new accounts can also be used for other event registrations.
  4. Enter the main account information including username and password
  5. Check your email for the confirmation email.
    The email comes from South Florida Council – Cliff Freiwald and the subject is “South Florida Council – Please verify your new account”
  6. Click on the Activate Account link in the email.
  7. Close your browser and then go back to https://southfl.tentaroo.com and log in.
  8. Follow the instructions below to Register for an Event

Members who already have an account:

Go to https://southfl.tentaroo.com and log in.

Register for an Event:

  1. Once logged in, click “Go To Events”
  2. Select the event type from the available list
  3. Select the event itself from the next page
  4. Click Register for Event
  5. If this is the first time you are registering someone, select New Youth or New Adult from the top tabs.
    Complete all required fields and then click “Next”. 
    – Shirt size is not required for most events, but if you enter it, you will want to verify the size for events that do.
    – Please include BSA member # if known as it helps us link your BSA account and training records
  6. If you have registered before, select the person’s name from the Youth or Adult blocks.
  7. The next screen shows the base price for registration.  This will include late fees if applicable. Click “Next”
  8. Add the appropriate “class” to your cart.  This will be your participant type for OA events.
  9. Once you select a class, all non-applicable options will disappear, and you can add additional classes if needed.
  10. When you have added all “Class(es)” for this participant, click “Next”
  11. The next screen shows the summary of fees for this participant. Review and then click “Complete”
  12. On the next screen, you can either Checkout, Add Participant or Order Products.
    If you need to add a participant, repeat steps 5-11.
    If the event has products, you can scroll down and click “Order Products.”
  13. When you are ready, click Checkout and complete your payment.

All OA Events require full payment to save your registration.  If you do not checkout, your registration will not be complete, and your details will not be saved.

All current OA Members must have their dues paid to participate in events.  The Ordeal Candidate Registration includes the current year dues.

All participants must have a current Medical form on file with the Lodge.  If your form is more than a year old, please bring a new form to the next LEC or to the next event you attend.