Paldani Newsletter: March 2017

Lodge Banquet

Written by: Tyler Schade


O-Shot-Caw Lodge Banquet was held at Camp Elmore on the weekend of March 3 – 5. As per every Banquet, this event is where Chapters gather and compete in a variety of games and challenges designed to test, reward, and entertain the competitive spirits of the nine chapters. Lodge Banquet is for all, not just those in scouting; so friends and family were invited to attend Lodge Banquet for great food and to watch the award ceremony. This Lodge Banquet, we had our very own Paldani Chapter Chief, Arturo Fernandez, receive the Vigil honor to recognize him for his exceptional service to our lodge. In addition, other arrowmen attained the Vigil accolade that evening. Equally important, on Friday night of Lodge Banquet, we had sixteen Ordeal members seal their ties in brotherhood, and out of those scouts we had six arrowmen in our chapter do so. Although sixteen scouts may not seem like many, the fact that we had nearly half of the candidates who participated in this yearΓÇÖs lodge banquet come from our chapter was impressive. Finally yet importantly, our chapter was awarded the Golden Arrow, for competing and wining most of the lodge games, which included Volleyball, Lodge Ball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Tug-of-War.

The Paldani officers are glad to serve such an active and spirited chapter. As always, we implore you to continue your activity within the Order of the Arrow. May the spirit of cheerful service and brotherly love march on.