Fall Ordeal Saturday

Workday at Camp Elmore – July 25, 2020

We are having an in-person Lodge Workday and Fellowship on July 25th at Camp Elmore starting at 8 A.M. This event is going on as planned unless we are forced to cancel by local authorities. If we have to cancel you will be notified via email.

There is no cost, but you must register to attend!

Lunch will be provided by the Lodge at no charge, but please bring a water bottle!

The plan for this event is to provide service to Camp Elmore in the morning and have a fellowship at the waterfront in the afternoon. Please bring swimwear and a towel. All activities at this event will be done in compliance with guidelines set by Broward County. As with all events, you are required to have a Boy Scout Annual Health and Medical Record (Parts A and B). I suggest scanning the medical form and having it accessible on your phone. Please see rules and schedule below the registration form.

As always, come prepared to have a great time!
I am looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Service from 8 A.M. – 12 P.M.
Lunch and Fellowship at 12 P.M.

“The reserving Unit currently must meet ALL current or future requirements of the DOH, CDC Broward County and the Town of Davie for COVID-19. Including Social distancing, group size of ten or less in one area, masks required and sanitization.

We are not set up currently, and do not have staff to fully sanitize all restrooms after every group as required by the above, or also continually during the day during a groups reservation as is currently required of camps. 

All reserving groups must agree to sanitize fully all facilities used or touched while at camp or to pay to have this done. We can supply sanitization supplies. All groups assume the responsibility that by gathering together at his time they may have COVID-19 infected participants/carriers whom may infect one another, and that they are fully responsible for this action by participating.  

I know the above is a lot, and we wish we did not have to be facing this currently either.

Just let us know and we are happy to try to assist.”