Year in Review

Congratulations on another great year! Our Chapter has grown from amazing to even better. We have accomplished many things throughout the year, including improving the fellowship between Chapter brothers, and having more innovative and fun meetings throughout the year. Here are some of the main things we did throughout the year.


At the beginning of the scouting year, our chapter donated and cooked hot dogs and hamburgers for our Hurricane District Program Cookoff. We also donated, drinks, snacks, and condiments. Later in the year we had a combined Chapter Meeting with the To-Hopki-Lagi Chapter at the Palmetto Bay Mini Golf Course. That was a blast!


At every one of our chapter meetings there was food, which included: Taco Bell, cookies (freshly baked at our meeting place!), ice cream, cake, chips, etc. We also did a very fun activity at each of our meetings: Lodgeball, basketball, human sized rock-paper-scissor-shoot, and many other cool activities.


In October, our Chapter put on an amazing display at the Haunted Forest, taking home the coveted Golden Pumpkin, with the theme of “Hotel Hnurifornia”, which is a play on Hotel California. In each hotel room there was a scene of a different horror movie. It was quite the display!


Fast forwarding to the Lodge Banquet, the Hnu-Ra-Con Chapter placed second in the Quest for the Golden Arrow while teaming up with the Tomoka Chapter and taking on the name of Tomuracon.


Around the beginning of the new year, our Chapter found the opportunity to undertake what would be a very large service project. We would build a primitive campsite at ZooMiami. But it isn’t just building that was the labor-intensive part of the project. It was the clearing of a junk filled area thick in brush about 10 feet high. Our Chapter, holding 4 work days so far, has pretty much cleared the entire section of land. Now comes the building part. We will have tent campsites along with designated hammock camping sites set up with poles in a “pin wheel” design. This will be truly a camp”sight” to behold when completed.


Towards the end of our amazing year, our Chapter, along with the rest of our Lodge, competed in Section Conference, placing second in the Best All Around Lodge Competition. We had a member of our Chapter compete on the Lodge group dance team, which took home 1st in the state!


Overall, this year has been more than amazing. Seeing the Chapter and the Chapter members grow was truly amazing. I believe that our Chapter has really grown to be one big family, and I am looking forward to what our Chapter is going to accomplish in the future.



Carson E.

Hnu-Ra-Con Chapter Chief