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LEC (Lodge Executive Committee) Meetings

Learn about the LEC, where they meet and when and use the map to get there.


The Lodge Executive Committee(LEC) gets together once a month. LEC meetings are held the third Thursday of every month.

Meetings are currently held at:
Spirit Headquarters
2889 N Commerce Pkwy
Miramar, FL 33025

It is imperative that the members of the Lodge Executive Committee attend all these meetings so that we may know how your Committee is doing and so that you may contribute to the planning of upcoming events.

  • Meetings begin at 7:30 PM and usually end around 9:00 PM. You need to wear your full class A uniform with your OA sash.
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Meetings are every Third Thursday.

  • Who is the Lodge Executive Committee?

    The Lodge Executive Committee is in charge of the Lodge. It is made up of the youth members from each Chapter. All Chapter Chiefs, Committee Chairmen and Lodge Officers are members of the LEC. As a member, you are entitled to vote on any executive decision that this Lodge makes. Moreover, the LEC plans for each upcoming Lodge event. Chapter Chiefs ready the Chapter while the Committee Chairman plan within their respective duties to make sure the Lodge pulls off a smooth event; LEC members are recognized at the annual Lodge Banquet for their hard work.

  • How To Join the LEC

    First, learn more about the various Committees and when you see something that interests you, fill out the LEC Application Form (PDF) and mail it in to the current committee for consideration.