O-Shot-Caw Lodge 265

The Founder’s Award Honor Roll

The Founder’s Award

Founders' Awward

Introduced at the 1981 National Order of the Arrow Conference, the Founder’s Award was created to honor and recognize those Arrowmen who have given outstanding service to their lodge. The award is reserved for an Arrowmen who demonstrates to fellow Arrowmen that he or she memorializes in his or her everyday life the spirit of achievement as described by founder E. Urner Goodman and cofounder Carroll A. Edson.

The Award is a handsome bronze medallion bearing the likenesses of E. Urner Goodman and cofounder Carroll A. Edson, with wooden base and brass plate suitable for engraving. Also available is a special Founder’s Award arrow ribbon, with a gold colored arrow suspended from a red ribbon.

Lodges may petition the national Order of the Arrow Committee to present up to four awards annually, based on lodge membership. If the lodge presents more than one award, one must be to a youth under the age of 21. Nominations must be made on form No. 24-137.

In 1983, the O-Shot-Caw Lodge recognized Thomas Tatham with its first Founder’s Award. Since that time, many additional Arrowmen have been recognized as listed below.

Year Name
1983 Thomas Tatham
1984 Ken Wiedman
1984 Philip Engelmann
1986 Mike Weinthal
1986 Ron Bell
1989 Chris Miller
1989 Paul Anderson
1990 Marc Stewart
1991 Mike DeBellis
1991 Victor Suarez
1992 Aaron Stanton
1992 Kenneth Khouri
1993 Rick Duley
1994 Alex Holinko
1994 Devang Desai
1995 George Michna
1995 Stan Hoff
1996 Jason Wolz
1996 Larry Stanton
1997 Jerry Stencel
1997 Tony Licudine
1998 Roger Kunstman
1998 Trent Gilbert
1999 Ivan Lopez
1999 John Michna
2000 Alexander Rubin
2000 Glen Gilbert
2001 Jason Garcia
2001 Sean McKnight
2002 Josh Levenson
2002 Walker Ellis
2003 Greg Wiener
2003 Andre Cupas
2004 John Gundlach
2004 Wayne Tracy
2005 Anthony Ramirez
2005 Eric McAlpin
2006 Bill Gundlach
2006 Brian Sweeney
2007 Denison Weidman
2007 Geoff Landau
2008 Brian Polino
2008 Alex Gomez
2009 Chaz Pinna
2009 Steve Pinna
2010 Dean Kubler
2010 Brad Schmidt
2011 Bill Gilliland
2011 R.J. Hickman
2012 Moose Pederson
2012 Jon Yost
2013 William McKinley
2013 Glenn Gomez
2014 Kyle Senzig
2014 Gary Beerman
2015 Matt Crowe
2015 Jeff Robinson
2016 Cody B.
2016 Jose Kudja
2017 Michael Brignola
2017 Charles Yost
2018 Tom Rottenberg
2018 Wyatt Engelmann